Embracing Organic Gardening

At the heart of organic gardening lies the commitment to nurturing the earth and its produce without the aid of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Instead, we turn to nature's bounty, utilizing compost to enrich the soil and sustain our plants. Our gardens thrive on the nutrients and minerals from fruit peels, seeds, rinds, eggs shells, and other organic scraps!

Drop-off Guidelines

You'll find signs near the compost bins on the southeast side of the park, detailing what can be composted. We invite our neighbors and fellow gardeners to contribute approved items into the bins located near Bonnie Brae. Just a friendly reminder: please keep plastic bags, including those marked 'biodegradable,' out of the bins. For more details on what's accepted, click here.

Garden Waste

For garden waste, we have a designated area where you can add old plants, cut into pieces no larger than 6 inches. However, if your plants are seeding, please bag them up for city pickup.

Join the Compost Team

Exciting news from Mandell Park - we're on the lookout for compost enthusiasts! Whether you're a composting newbie eager to learn or a seasoned pro ready to share your wisdom, we'd love for you to join our compost team. We gather every Saturday morning at 8 am, weather allowing, for a hands-on experience. If you're planning to join us, please drop a quick email to to confirm your attendance. And if Saturdays don't work for you, no worries! Let us know your availability, and we'll arrange a time to show you the ropes.

Help us keep our gardens healthy and our environment clean – to learn more about the environmental benefits of composting, click here.


Thank you all for filling our coffers with leaves, however, they are now full! Please reroute your leaves to another composting facility. Thanks!